The One And Only

Of course when it comes to basketball there are a ton of great athletes that have come and gone over the years and I think a lot of people think that in recent years LeBron James has made his name as the best basketball player on the planet, but a lot of people still do not believe that LeBron James is the best basketball player of all time even though he is really good, because everyone knows that when it comes to the best basketball player ever that title can only go to one person and one person only, and that is Michael Jordan.

When it comes to the most championships and the most dominating performances in NBA history Michael Jordan is the guy of all players and there is no denying that during the prime of his career he completely took over the NBA and did some things that no one could ever think was possible. I mean let’s just think about his championships for a second, and so the first run he made with the Chicago Bulls was a three peat meaning he won the NBA championship three years in a row during the years 1991 through 1993, and then he randomly went to go play baseball in Arizona during the 1994 and 1995 seasons, but then he returned back to the Chicago Bulls and they went on to win three more seasons in a row from 1996 through 1998.

Now that is something that is really unheard of, and there really is no telling if they would have won every season during those two seasons that he left to go play baseball, but something is really crazy about that time but of course only Michael Jordan really knows what was going on, but a lot of people say that the murder of his father on July 23, 1993 was a big part of why Jordan left to go play baseball because he even told people at some point that his father always wanted him to play baseball and not basketball, but of course there is no telling as to what exactly happened and why Michael Jordan decided to go play baseball for a couple years, but he definitely did it and he did so with a lot of class and definitely made a huge splash across the world as everyone was shocked that he would walk away from basketball during the prime years of his career. Would you rather be a basketball player or work for a lame company like maui rug cleaning. I mean think about it, this guy worked day and night to become the best because he knew that he was made for the game and not a normal job.

But of course Michael Jordan is the type of player that definitely had some problems too and because I want to write about different aspects of Michael Jordan’s life in all of these articles I would like to take this time to talk about Michael Jordan’s gambling problem that became public during the mid 1990s when everyone found out he kind of had a gambling problem, and one writer once wrote that he won over a million dollars from Michael Jordan while playing golf with him, and to me that is a little bit ridiculous but I guess it actually happened. But yes, the truth of the matter is that Michael Jordan had a serious gambling problem and he took it way too far numerous times throughout his life, and what sucks is that he was such a good guy but would get caught up with a serious addiction that a lot of people suffer from and it’s just not cool that Michael Jordan would do that kind of thing because he is a cool guy and doesn’t need to be gambling all of the time like he got so famous for doing.


Everyone in the world knows the name Michael Jordan, and I think that is because he was obviously the best basketball player in the history of the game, but of course there is a lot more than just basketball that made Michael Jordan the household name that he is today, but for the most part it is all about basketball so for the purposes of this particular article I think I’m going to stick to basketball, but I just wanted to quickly mention that Michael Jordan is a lot more than just a basketball player, and he actually is an awesome business man that was able to brand himself and make billions of dollars along the way and I think he really paved the way for al of other professional athletes to do the same kind of thing that he did with his personal brand, but of course because he was the first person to really be successful at doing this type of thing he definitely made the most money and that is exactly why he is such an awesome dude that everyone likes a lot, but of course when it comes down to who Michael Jordan is there is only one word that can describe him, and that word just so happens to be basketball. Of course Michael Jordan lived for the game of basketball because it gave him everything that he has today, and he was such a freak of nature on the court that he was so amazing to witness in real life, and I was lucky enough to see Michael Jordan play a couple times while he was on the Chicago Bulls and once while he was on the Washington Wizards, but of course it was during his years with the Chicago Bulls that he made this crazy dynasty that took over the NBA for an entire decade of the 1990s and I think that when we even just think about that decade Michael Jordan should be mentioned because he was by far the biggest athlete of that decade and he really emerged during the 90s to become the best player of all time, and that was really just the beginning of his reign as the best basketball player of all time.

Now, let’s be fair to everyone else on the Chicago Bulls because Michael Jordan did not win all of those NBA championships by himself, and he was definitely really lucky to have such a good coach in Phil Jackson for the majority of his career, and I think that Phil Jackson definitely is a major reason as to how Michael Jordan got so good at basketball.

Jackson was not only Michael Jordan’s coach but he was also his biggest mentor in life, and I think Jackson helped Michael Jordan in a lot of different ways and definitely molded his life in such a positive way, but of course not everything was positive in Michael Jordan’s life and I think that for the most part he had to deal with a lot of serious suffering in order to get where he got to during the 90s and it’s hard to say what that suffering is because I don’t want to speculate anything against him or his family but of course Michael Jordan’s life was not always peaches and roses and he definitely had to overcome a lot of adversity although it kind of seems like he just won at whatever he did and was always on the best team that won the championship for a majority of his career, but that is not necessarily the case because he actually was on a bad Chicago Bulls team for the first few years of his career, and then eventually they got really good and became the team that everyone remembers them for in which Jordan was leading the way to six different NBA championships in a matter of 8 or 9 years, and what is so crazy is that at one point the Chicago Bulls won three NBA championships in a row, and I don’t think many other teams have done that, but of course it was a really epic time for Michael Jordan and the entire city of Chicago because they had the best team and the city was an awesome place to be for sure.

Space Jam

Michael Jordan is the type of player in the NBA history that will warm your heart because there definitely is a lot of things about Michael Jordan that makes people happy, especially everyone who lives in the city of Chicago. I think Chicago will never have a good team like they did during the years of Michael Jordan, but of course those years were such a magical time for that city that it didn’t even matter because they know no one will ever be as good as the Bulls were back when Michael Jordan was running the NBA like it was nothing, and the thing is that Michael Jordan definitely has a really interesting story behind him, and his relationship with the Chicago Bulls is something that a lot of people talk about as one of those things that a lot of people forget about but still think about all the time.

The thing is that a lot of people forget that Michael Jordan decided to retire from the game of basketball during the prime of his career after winning two NBA championships and for awhile everyone thought that he seriously was going to never play in the NBA ever again because he started playing professional baseball, and he definitely was not that good at baseball which is so weird, but he still did it which makes him totally different than any other player in the history of the NBA. He actually went and played minor league baseball for a couple of years while the Chicago Bulls didn’t do as well and weren’t that good of a team anymore, but it wasn’t that big of a deal because after about two seasons Michael Jordan returned to the Chicago Bulls and then started playing well again and then came back and won four different NBA championships after that, and that is part of what made him so amazing.

The fact that he retired and then returned and then went on to win a bunch of championships again was definitely something that was worth remembering. And let’s definitely not forget the fact that even after Michael Jordan retired again around 1998 he still came back to play for the Washington Wizards when he was in his late thirties, and this was pretty impressive that he decided to come back even though the Wizards weren’t that good of a team and it kind of was a mistake in the long run, but of course Michael Jordan has never really cared about making mistakes because he just goes for it all pretty much all of the time and then just does a bunch of other things too, and I think in terms of money he was always making the right decisions and he was definitely able to make a ton of money by coming back to play for the Wizards, and let’s not forget probably the coolest thing about Michael Jordan, and that is that he starred in a kids movie by the name of Space Jam.

Space Jam essentially is the Hollywood version of the story behind what happened to Michael Jordan during those years when he retired from basketball and was playing baseball and then decided to return back to the game of basketball, and of course for the most part this told the story pretty well and is probably going to be what everyone remembers about those years anyways because it was just a weird time in Michael Jordan’s life that needed to be rewritten by Hollywood and Warner Brothers so that he could think back on that time in a different light. It totally makes sense to me too, because Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck definitely were a big part of what inspired Michael Jordan to get back into the NBA, and let’s not forget Bill Murray too who also was there to really help out Michael Jordan during his time of need, and overall Space Jam is just an awesome movie and everyone really likes it because it is a Hollywood classic, and I hope LeBron James makes a remake but I don’t think it will be as good as when Michael Jordan starred with Bugs Bunny on the Tune Squad.

For The Love Of The Game

Everyone in the United States and really all over the world loves the game of basketball, at least for the most part, and I think that is partly because basketball is such a fun game that anyone can really play as long as they have a hoop and a ball and you can always just go out and shoot by yourself and have fun with a basketball even though it isn’t the full sized game, and that is another reason why basketball is so fun because it is fun alone and even more fun with teams. Now of course everyone knows that the NBA is the best basketball league in the world and there is no denying that the NBA has a rich history of players that have come and gone and become legends of the game and made their own mark in their own personal ways, but there is one legend from the NBA who will always be remembered as the very best basketball player of all time and there is no denying that everyone agrees that Michael Jordan is the best basketball player who ever lived and played the game at a professional level.

I don’t know exactly what it is about Michael Jordan, but he was able to captivate the imaginations of everyone in the world and make people really believe that humans could fly, and I think the legend of Michael Jordan probably did start while he was in high school or even playing college basketball at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill but it also could have been that one very fateful night when jammed home the basketball after jumping from the free throw line in the NBA slam dunk competition towards the beginning of his NBA career. Still to this day no one is really capable of pulling that dunk off quite like he was able to, and I think some people could jump from the free throw line and dunk the ball, but I don’t know it definitely would be very rare if someone could pull that off with as much style as grace as Michael Jordan did a long time ago.

But of course Michael Jordan contributed so much to the game of basketball when he was playing the game and there really is so much about him that made him so much different than any other basketball player who came before him and after him, and part of that goes into what he did on the court and what he did off the court as well. When it comes down to it Michael Jordan is the type of person who will always be remembered in basketball as well as American history, and I think that if you are the type of person who really likes Michael Jordan and loves reading up about him and all of his great achievements in life then you have definitely come to an awesome place because this entire list of articles is going to go in depth about Michael Jordan and all the cool things he was able to do so far with his life, and of course a lot of people today are making fun of him for crying when he got inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame in recent years because it definitely was a little embarrassing even for Michael Jordan but still no one had ever seen him shed a tear before his entire life and then it was like a whole wave of emotion leapt out of him during that speech and that was honestly a pretty beautiful thing to see because he really deserved a moment like that because he was the greatest ever and he will always be remembered in popular culture as well as basketball culture forever as the man who was the best player to ever play the game.

So what exactly made Michael Jordan so good? Well, there definitely are a lot of reasons but let’s first just mention his physical properties that were so beast like and made him capable of doing things that everyone else deemed impossible. Ok, so Michael Jordan was six feet six inches tall so he was definitely really tall and was able to go down low in the paint as well as really dominate for rebounds and other aspects of the game, but he was also really agile and was so athletic that he could dribble the ball like a point guard and do a bunch of moves and then use his size to his advantage down low and dunk the crap out of the ball over even some of the tallest people in the NBA at the time. He was big enough to compete with the centers in the league and he was way too quick for anyone his size to keep up with him, so no matter what he was going to have an advantage over whoever was guarding him, and he definitely played like he had an advantage every single game.